A Tradition of Type, Temperament and Soundness.



April 04,2015

Can.CH.Eagertrieves Downtown Brown (c) X  Gregoire's Mud Pie(c)

 Optigen PRA clear/normal ,progressive retinal atrophy clear/normal, retinal dysplasia/ oculoskeleton dysplasia normal/clear,skeletal dysplasia  normal/clear , EIC carrier , HPNK clear/normal, Eyes cerf Oct 2016 normal, CNM clear,Copper Toxicosis clear/normal,DM normal/clear.

OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows normal . OFA heart echo, color doppler, ausculation  normal /clear july 2017.

Charlotte is loved / owned and living with Jen Harmon at Startop Labradors .

She was just bred this Late May,2018 . She's Bred to Can CH.Startop's Legendary. If interested contact Jen Harmon personally.

DOB 04-04-2015