A Tradition of Type, Temperament and Soundness.



Sire: CH. Sunchase Ania's Riga Morale WC "Riggs"


Dam: Gregoires Hey Sweet Heart "Sarah"

Dottie resides and lives with a foster family at Paws With A Cause a service dog organization and is part of their breeding program for helping the working service dog program.

We donated her to this wonderful program and will receive a few puppies back to us each when she has any future puppies . Dottie had delivered a litter of yellows this past July 2018. She is posted on our present litter page.

We do not have any available .all were spoken for.

EIC clear  / normal ,HPNK clear/normal , CM normal, DM normal,Progressive Retinal Atrophy,progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration normal,Retinal Dysplasia /Oculoskeletal Dyspasia 1 normal , Skeletal Dysplasia 2 normal, Eyes cerf normal 2016,Optigen PRA clear normal by parentage ,Cardiologist Christian Weder, performed Cardiac exam and Auscultation normal, no evidence for congenital heart disease .

OFA Hips Excellant / Elbows Normal .

DOB 04-11-2015